The microphone and the notes analysis

The setting of the reading level of the microphone, his indicator, the spectrum of the voice, the values of the frequency and the name of the note are located in the upper left corner of the window Canta:


This area includes, from left to right:

Details of the parties

Setting the input level of the microphone. This button has the same effect as the similar microphone button of Windows, it is used to adjust the sensitivity of the microphone. If the signal produced by the microphone is too low, Canta could not properly gauge the frequency of your voice. If the level is too high, the level indicator (see below) will become red, the audio signal is saturated and registration, if you make one, will be of poor quality, but so far the frequency measure will be unaffected. Try this button to adjust the level as high as possible without the indicator becomes red.

This indicator shows the level of the signal produced by the microphone. When the signal is too high, it turns red, and if it is too low it turns gray.

This display is merely indicative, it shows the spectrum of your voice, or at least the lower part of this spectrum, which contains the fundamental. The red vertical stripe shows you where Canta think is the fundamental. If the signal level is too low, the spectrum is shown in gray.

The frequency of what you sing is shown here in two forms: its value in Hertz and the corresponding musical note. The figure after the name of the note corresponded to the octave number. The international standard ISO16:1975 define the note A4 to be at the frequency of 440 Hz.

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