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CANTA v1.11 - Freeware

To sing in tune is something one can learn. Canta is a software that helps you develop your vocal talents. It will give you singing lessons while you have fun singing your favorite songs.

How to sing better with Canta

The principle of Canta is simple and powerful: you choose a song to work and you load the corresponding MIDI file into Canta. Canta plays the music and shows the notes of the melody that you must sing.

When you sing, in real time, Canta analyses and measures the frequency of your voice. It shows you the pitch of the note that you are singing in the form of a curve on the screen. Your pitch curve is supperposed to the notes of the melody. You then see if you sing in tune, or if you are below or above the note you want to reach.

So you see how to sing to get the right pitch.

The repetition of theses voice lessons will allow your ear to distinguish properly the pitch of what you sing and you will learn to sing better, you will learn to sing in tune.


The green rectangles are the notes of the melody as it should have been sung, and the red line is what was actually sung
sing in tune

To learn more about Canta and its use, you can browse its help files online by clicking here : Online help

Understanding the voice

On the pages below you will find some explanation of the voice and how Canta can help you to improve your singing.

  1. The voice production
  2. The voice mechanisms
  3. The control of the pitch
  4. The voice timbre

Main functionnalities of Canta v1.11:

Screen capture:

Canta main screen

Clic on the following links to view the other skins: Fruity, Kontakt, Lounge et Massive.

Minimal configuration required:

Safe to install

The following sites have tested Canta and can assure you that it does not contain any viruses, adware, spyware, backdoors or trojans:

Clean certificate Clean certificate Corporate Mail Manager - Business 10 - Win Antivirus Report

To contact us

If you have any question or suggestion, please send a mail at this address:
Chaumet software

The author

The creator of Canta is not a professional developer, just a lover of beautiful voice. He works in the field of therapeutic hypnosis. You can find more information about his professional sites (in French):

To download the sources clic here: Sources on


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Freeware for Windows XP and Vista.

Audio card and external microphone required

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Chaumet SoftwareCanta - a tool to sing betterLearn to sing in tune

Canta is the perfect teacher to get singing lessons while having fun singing your favorite songs.

With Canta you will learn how to sing, you will learn to sing better.